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Microsoft ActiveX and Netscape XPI components allow people to view NSV / Winamp TV streams on a website without using NSV compatible media player software. These components have been signed and released for general use by NullSoft.

These Netscape XPI and Microsoft ActiveX components allow for various audio / video codec combinations.

- VP3 and MP3 for Netscape / Mozilla / FireFox
- All Winamp compatible media codecs for Microsoft Internet Explorer

You can view a
partial directory of NullSoft Video stations using XPI components for Netscape / Mozilla / FireFox and Microsoft ActiveX for Internet Explorer.

Netscape / Mozilla / Firefox / compliant browsers
( Web Browser must support the Netscape XPI architecture. )
The XPI component is no longer supported by the Firefox web browser.

<embed type="application/x-nsv-vp3-mp3" width=640 height=480
broadcast.rantradio.com:8080 "></embed>

The combination of VP3 video and MP3 audio codecs are the only ones available for xpi deployment.

Items highlighted in green and bold face must be configured to match the stream :

location = IP Address, port number
height and width = height and width of streaming window

You can download the required xpi script information.
This information has been stored in zip file format. You must extract it to view it.
Download :

Microsoft Internet Explorer compliant browsers
( Web browsers must support Microsoft ActiveX to use this player. )
This ActiveX player supports all video and audio codecs implemented within the Winamp media player.

The core software is the AOL Ampx ActiveX media player, with script modifications by RaveTrax.

To remove the auto sizing video feature within the player itself, you must modify the Ampx code.

Change this : winampx.SetVideoAutoSize(0);

To this : winampx.SetVideoAutoSize(1);

You will then need to set the video size within the Ampx player code.

You can download the required Java / ActiveX script information.
This information has been stored in zip file format. You must extract it to view it.
Download :

Demonstration of the RaveTrax Java / ActiveX script with graphic control buttons.


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