Creating a Bat File for NSV Streaming
Submitted by franco7777
Edited by Sankt

This is a Bat file, that can be used to stream NSV files.
( For use on the Windows operating system. )

This Bat file can be clicked to automatically stream NSV files.

To create the Bat file you must first open the Windows Notepad program.
Then you must save the document that you opened, as a Bat file.
Example : nsv.bat
You can name the Bat file any name you want.

The Bat file links to the NSV tools directory and executes the nsvscsrc command syntax.

Example information :

IP address of the Shoutcast or compatible streaming server ( 123.456.789 )
Port number that the Shoutcast or compatible streaming server monitors for source data ( 8001 )
Location of NSV tools directory ( Path= "C:\Program Files\NSVtools" )
Location of NSV media files to stream ( C:\Stream )

You can download the NSV Bat text here :
The text file has been stored in zip file format. You must extract it to view it.

Place the following text in your NSV Bat file :

@echo off
echo NSVSCSRC.EXE - Live Broadcast Simulation Utility
goto START

set "%1%" == "123.456.789"
set "%2%" == "8001"
set "%3%" == "header.txt"
set "%4%" == "C:\Program Files\NSVtools"

echo Executing NSVSCSRC with
echo host=%1, port=%2, header=%3,
echo directory=%4
goto RUN

REM executing NSVSCSRC.EXE utility with command line options
call "C:\Program Files\NSVtools\nsvscsrc.exe" /sc 123.456.789:8001:header.txt c:\Stream
C:\Program Files\NSVtools
goto END


Options for Bat file

The option /shuf randomizes the order of the NSV files within the folder.
/sc /shuf 123.456.789:8001:header.txt c:\stream

You can designate different directories that nsvscsrc searches for nsv files to stream.
/sc 123.456.789:8001:header.txt c:\Stream d:\Video f:\Movies


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