Beloved Belindy



   Beloved Belindy was introduced into Marcella's
nursery in the book Beloved Belindy. The book was first published
in 1926 by the P. F. Volland Company.
Belindy did indeed look the part of a plump black mammy,
but she never spoke the part. Johnny Gruelle
chose to have her speak with no dialect at all,
thus making her Raggedy Ann's equal. It is my interruption,
never the less, that Beloved Belindy was older, thus giving her the wisdom
and ability to care for the dolls of the nursery. She did though,
instigate many adventures.

And the book begins:
"Beloved Belindy was the mammy of  Raggedy Ann and the Raggedy Andy
and of all the other dolls in the nursery. She was the nicest, fattest, soft rag doll
you would ever care to cuddle. And the smile painted on her broad face face
was as cheery as could be. One just has to be happy, when one wears a happy
smile, or else the smile will soon go away. But when a smile is painted on, it is
almost certain never come off."

This book was written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.


In 1926, Volland introduced the Volland Doll.
She sold, then,  for  $ 2.00.
(I am awaiting a picture of this doll)

In 1928, Sears Roebuck also sold Beloved Belindy.
The ad below is a partial copy of the ad as it appeared
in their  1928 catalog. ( pg. 475)

This ad was kindly furnished by Angela from London, Ontario, Canada

I have not seen a picture of this doll, but I will keep looking.


Georgene Novelties Inc. produced Beloved Belindy
during the 1940-1950's

This doll is a real Georgene and lives in Oklahoma.
 Becky, the owner of this doll, was kind enough to send
me her picture.  Thanks..  <>

( under license from Bobbs-Merrill) made a 15" Belindy.
(The first was made in 1965.)

The seller, Betty in Oregon, gave permission to use this picture.

The Handmade Beloved Belindys.

My Beloved Belindy, and the Belindy at the top of the page
are sisters. They are both examples of nicely handmade dolls.
The doll is made by Mona Moore in New Jersey.

This Beloved Belindy is from Canada. She belonged to
Angela until she found a new home in Texas. A nice handmade doll.
Angela can be found at   <>
When Angela  isn't looking for Beloved Belindy,
( who is always off on another adventure) she is sewing.
This is a reproduction of a georgene Belindy.
Angela sent Dear Raggedy Ann a surprise. A new Easter dress!
This is only the third dress Raggedy Ann has had in her whole life.
She sends many thanks all her love and Raggedy Hugs .

This Beloved Belindy is from Ohio and was made by Shirley.
She is a reproduction of the Knickerbocker Belindy. The only
real difference is, THIS doll helped with the sewing!

This Belindy comes from the great state of Kentucky. She and
Cleety The Clown shared the same sewing basket recently, but
each have gone their separate ways.  Cleety now lives at my house.
This fine doll was made by Wendy Grover.

This Belindy is a replica of the Georgene Belindy that was manufactured
from 1938 to 1950. She is 19 1/2 " tall and was made by Caroline Kuhns
in Ohio. The first one Caroline made, now belongs to her daughter.

If you can not afford to get an old Beloved Belindy- these handmade
dolls will fit into your Raggedy Room just as well. And I do know they
have just as much fun when the lights go out. The little noises you hear
are probably coming from the doll room, and what a time they are having !  :)
It's hard to tell who is the real thing.     :)

This Beloved Belindy is in a class all of her own.
She has 4 extremities, only slightly plump and makes a funny purring noise.
We also know that she gets into her share of adventures.
If anyone knows the where abouts of this Belindy impersonator
PLEASE notify us.  We would love to give her all the proper credit.  :)

Update: Beloved Belindy has been seen again. She was spotted
on April 13, 1999 at Angel Antiques in
Newport Beach, California. These are the latest under cover photos.

 Beloved Belindy the Cat and more.


"Somewhere out there" is your
very special Beloved Belindy.

If you have a special Beloved Belindy
and would like to have her picture
here, let us know.

There have been other Beloved Belindys made, but the above have
proven to be the most popular.
If someone sees an error of information on this page, please notify me.

This page was created March 14, 1999
Updated January 29, 2001


Made with pride in the USA

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