Raggedy Ann's Childhood friends
and a new friend.


These are two of Raggedy Ann's best friends.
Sitting next to Raggedy Ann is Sparkle Plenty.
Amosandra is in the front. These girls spent many
happy hours with me as a child. Raggedy Ann is
wearing a little metal that came from Mother
Teresa's center in Calcutta, India .


Amosandra, it seems, is best remembered by
her friends, Raggedy Ann and Sparkle.


Sparkle Plenty has so many pretty little
dresses. They were all hand made. This is her picnic dress.


This was Sparkle's party dress. I wonder how old I was
when I last braided her hair? The bell is rusted, but her
hair is as golden as when she was very young.


This is a casual dress Sparkle liked to wear. I think my
Grandma Lash may have made this dress.


As we lived in the north, Sparkle had a velvet coat,
and a hand made hat and scarf. The hat has a
little rusty safety pin in it for some reason, but I will
leave it there as it was put there over 40 years ago.
I seem to forget just why just now.!!


After a long day, Sparkly went to bed in a pair of long
johns, with a button flap. I am now sure where these came from,
but they are not hand made.


So you see, Sparkle did have lots of clothes.
Raggedy taught Amosandra never to complain,
as they were not so lucky. The most special thing is,


Raggedy Ann, Sparkle and Amosandra insisted I add this
picture. The picture was taken in 1949. Bambi is no longer with us,
but they asked he be remembered.
I pray the sun will always shine on my Dear little friends.



Raggedy Ann has a new little friend. This little Raggedy Ann came to us from our
good friend in Florida. Little Raggedy and her Florida family have plenty of stories
they could tell of how they survived Hurricane Andrew. It was not a pretty site!!!
Little Raggedy lost her dress and apron in the storm but this did not bother her for
she knew one day she would get another. I made Little Raggedy Ann a new dress and
apron, although I do not sew nearly as well as my Mother or Grandmother , she seems
very pleased. Little Raggedy Ann speaks often of her Florida family, but she seems
to like her new home.

Little Raggedy Ann sends her love to her Florida family and
knows she can always find Mama Joyce at:


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