Bittorrent Live Streaming

The following is guide for creating and streaming live audio and video using Bittorrent.

Bittorrent Viewer Client

You must install a special Bittorent client for viewing the video.
Linux and Windows versions available :

Bittorrent Streaming requires the multimedia data to be encapsulated in the Transport Stream format.

Converting a Shoutcast MP3 stream to Transport Stream.

You must install VLC.
Windows :
Linux : Install from your distributions software repository.

VLC command line syntax for converting the stream.
vlc http://shoutcastserverIP:port --sout http/ts:192.168.X.X:1235

Creating a combined audio / video compliant Transport Stream.

VLC supports many audio and video codecs for use with Transport Stream formated Internet broadcasts.

Easy streaming guide.

Creating The Bittorrent Audio Or Video Stream.

You must download and install the following software.

Windows Version :
Linux : Install from your distributions software repository.

Windows, Linux and Apple versions are available :

Create a sub directory within the tribler software installation

Windows - C:/Programs/Tribler/Tools/
Linux - /usr/share/Tribler/Tools/

You must then download and install a additional Tribler python module.

* Download the script from the tribler svn depository :
* Place the script into the /Tools/ directory.

You must take the converted mpegts output from VLC and input this data to Tribler with the createlivestream command :

$ python Tribler/Tools/ --name /directory/location/of/VLC/output/stream.mpegts
( VLC output location is the directory that contains the VLC software. )

The script generates several files:

* stream.mpegts.tstream, which is a torrent-like file to distribute to the clients.
* stream.mpegts, which holds the last 1:00:00 of live video. Only the last 15 minutes are accessed, but we don't zero out invalidated data.
* stream.mpegts.sauth, which contains the private key used to sign the generated data.

You can embed the stream.mpegts.tstream file into a website. This will allow users to click on the file similar to a .PLS or .M3U stream link.


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