P2P video streaming software

Streaming Shoutcast / Icecast - Video / Audio With Peer to Peer

Installing The Tracker Software

Download and run the latest version of the btv opentracker: http://goalbit.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/goalbit/build/dists/

The windows version of the open tracker must have the DLL file placed in the same directory as the btv-open tracker software.

The tracker will run on port 6969 and is viewed as: http://your_ip_address:6969.

Installing The GoalBit Software

Download the latest version of GoalBit.


Install the GoalBit software.

Configuring The GoalBit Software

Run GoalBit.

Click on the Broadcast yourself tab.

(Main screen) Another screen will open.

Configuring The Station Information

Input all the channel / station information.

- Channel identifier

- Channel name

- Channel description

- Channel logo

* If you substitute the logo, the replacement must be continuously accessible via the Internet.

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