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Theora is a Open Source video codec based upon the VP3 codec.  Theora is integrated with the Ogg Vorbis Open Source audio codec and the Ogg multimedia container format. Theora is also royalty free and can be used for both commercial and non commercial applications.

This project is administered by :

Project website :

Download the source code here :

Theora Video Encoding

A simple command line converter to create Ogg Theora files - open source :

Digital video editor for Linux - open source :

Linux Video Editor System for - open source :

Helix DNA producer
Download DNA producer software :
Theora codec encoder plugins :

Tools For Streaming Theora Video

This is a GUI for Ogg / Theora streaming (Icecast2 system), written using gtk2 Linux - open source :

A basic icecast client that is very simple but also very useful for video streaming Linux - open source :

Visonair Ogg Streamer application
This application allows you to stream from a live video and/or audio source on your computer to an Icecast server :

Theora Compatible Video Servers

Multiple platform streaming server written in Java - open source :

Multiple platform streaming server - open source :
Guide for streaming Ogg Theora with Icecast :
Theora streaming requires the latest version of libtheora :

Streaming server - open source :

SteamCast server
Streams NSV and Theora ( OGM ). Server can list stations on multiple YP Directories ( IceCast - SteamCast -  ShoutCast ) Server is ported to multiple operating systems : Windows - Linux - FreeBSD :

Theora Video Sourcing Software

A command line utility that enables you to stream mp3 or Ogg Media Files to an Icecast server without re encoding them :

pipes an ogg stream to an icecast or compatible server [linux].

Theora Compatible Media Players

The Cortado open source Java multimedia player applet :
This player can be used for both the Theora Video and Ogg Vorbis Audio codecs.

Xine :
Mplayer :
Xbox Media Center :
Real (Player) Alternative :
Visionair Player :

Winamp IceCast station directory plugin
This was created for Winamp to allow users to view the IceCast stream directory in the Winamp Media Library :


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